Decade Review, Ford Material Research, Kia Seltos, Mazda6 | #398

The Drive with Alan Taylor

As 2019 draws to a close we take a look at the technological advancements and struggles the automotive industry has overcome to get to the point it’s at today

Transform Your Life from Barely Surviving to Boldly Thriving | #114

Entrepreneur Radio

How do you move forward when you’re living a nightmare? “Most of the people who end up very successful are people who have gone through something very hard.”

Understanding Cyber Security and How to Protect Ourselves | #216

Pop Tech Radio

Cyber security is front page news these days as big tech companies and governmental organizations are getting caught up in the firestorm of hacking and data breaches. So how do these breaches come to be?

Season 1, Episode 1 NOAH ELIAS

Business and Burgers

Scott Duffy and Alan Taylor interview Noah Elias at Muldoon’s Dublin Pub in Newport Beach, California—a restaurant serving authentic Irish cuisine that will transport you across the pond (no passport required). Tune in now!

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